Solar Canopies

Ra Power & Light Solar canopies transform open parking areas into secure power generation, with shaded parking and strong returns on under utilized commercial real estate assets. RPL's custom solar canopies range from 9-15 feet high to allow commercial traffic flow and access to loading bays.

Ra Power & Light steel-frame solar canopies, mounted with fixed or tracking solar arrays in open parking areas, can often double or triple power production. These specialized, multi-purpose structures are very popular with clients because they produce large amounts of energy, provide covered parking and may be configured with options such as security lighting, cameras and electric vehicle charging stations.

Retrofitted solar canopies on a parking garage

The cost to deploy solar canopies closely competes with that of roof mounted systems and often doubles or triples power production from your site. In California, solar investments are property tax exempt. If and when it ever comes time to sell your building, solar powered facilities stand apart from other commercial real estate on the market. In the mean time, your employees park in the shade and enjoy a state of the art, sustainable campus environment.

In this design, solar canopies quadrupled power generation

Truck container storage yards and recycling plants present excellent locations for large scale deployments of solar canopies. Container storage generates reasonably low cash flow for land owners and sites are often situated away from residential neighborhoods yet close to grid infrastructure.

Depending on incentives and the local utility's appetite for solar power generation in your location, commercial grade (15ft high) solar canopies can turbocharge returns for truck lot owner/investors who sell solar power back to local utilities under long term Feed in Tarrif programs. Storage sites are typically zoned industrial and fenced, streamlining the approval process for solar development. If you would like to test drive solar economics for under performing commercial real estate assets, contact Ra Power & Light today.

Standard height RPL solar canopy with upgraded features

Trust Ra Power & Light to provide comprehensive solutions for your energy needs.

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