Demand for BIPV is growing faster than renewable technology in LEED Custom home designs.

Commercial BIPV

Availability of lightweight, flexible solar shingles and thin film PV allow architects and RPL designers to integrate solar power generation into exterior building surfaces as never before. Retrofitting residential BIPV with high performance conventional solar modules Ra Power & Light can integrate solar into Spanish-style roofs so popular in the southwest. Once recessed below the surface of surrounding tiles, modules appear as unobtrusive skylights.

The 2009 World Games Stadium
BIPV innovation: The 2009 World Games Stadium - courtesy: DelSolar Ltd.

The greatest material savings from BIPV are in new construction, where PV solar is used in place of conventional surfaces, eliminating costs associated with them. The solar orientation of the home comes into play as well. New homes situated with solar in mind often produce stunning results architecturally, both aesthetically and in terms of sustainability.

It is important to note that solar delivers power during the time of day when it is most costly to purchase electricity from the grid. PV systems directly offset HVAC costs in the afternoon. RPL targets elimination of Peak demand and daytime utility spend in every design.

Ra Power & Light can provide a range of power generation options and recommend technologies that meet renewable energy targets in the most cost effective manner. We have in-depth knowledge and experience navigating complex issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy credits, federal and state tax credits, licensing and permitting issues. Because of our broad background in both conventional and renewable power, we provide the most value-engineered solutions in the industry.

Renewable Energy Services

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