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Ra Power & Light views commercial O&M service as an important aspect of every investment-grade solar project.

After a year-long evaluation of utility-scale solar Operations & Maintenance services providers with both manufacturer authorized service certifications and a national reach to support RPL Clients, Ra Power & Light is proud to have selected True South Renewables Inc. as our exclusive provider of Operations & Maintenance services nation-wide. True South Renewables offers the O&M thought leadership and scalability we require- and savvy RPL Clients demand.

True South delivers the highest returns on your system investment using the latest monitoring, system cleaning, training and diagnostics to assure maximum power production from your renewable asset year after year. The problem? As modules become exposed to the elements over time, pollutants block photons from solar cells. The result? According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and True South's own field data, soiled modules show reductions of 25%+ in overall system efficiency. We have seen power generation in the field reduced by up to 40% as in the example below.

Ash covered solar arrays after southern California fire season.
Courtesy of True South Inc.

Several factors may impede system performance including component failure, weather, seasonality and environmental wear. Losses in power production can go unnoticed for weeks. Ra Power & Light/True South monitoring and reporting software solutions integrate disparate systems and provide enterprise-wide visibility to real time renewable energy production. System modeling, real-time reporting and reliability tracking data enable proactive O&M and the highest performance your system can deliver.

Another less noticeable cause of PV system power loss is improper, or lack of, system electrical maintenance. Without scheduled maintenance, premature inverter failure, DC string wiring failure and module failures remain undetected, costing thousands of dollars in lost energy production each year. In 1MW class systems, monthly losses often exceed that.

Beyond True South's regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance over the life of your system, Ra Power & Light intelligent monitoring and control systems pinpoint system faults and phone home via the internet. Once the monitoring system issues a system fault notification to both Ra Power & Light installation and True South field service teams, crews arrive onsite armed with solutions, not questions. System issues are identified and resolved in near real time, resulting in reliable systems, operating at peak performance.

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Jay Robb Enterprises Inc. is a Southern California corporation founded in 1988 and known for producing the best-tasting protein powders on the planet.


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